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It all started when Cody was very young. His father produced and hosted a nationally aired television show for the Outdoor Channel called Midwest Bass Fishin' and Huntin' Adventures. This led to a very unique childhood for Cody traveling all over the United States exploring nature and falling in love with the great outdoors.

At the age of 10, he attended his first entrepreneurship conference. From there on out, Cody knew he was going to work for himself. All through middle school, Cody started businesses ranging from music lessons, to social media data collection, and even writing a book. However, he failed to realize what he loved the most: cameras and the outdoors.

At 16, he started a media production company called Edge Studios which focuses on creating high-quality content for positive, sustainable impact. Cody is an avid believer that media needs to have a positive purpose. He understands that money can solve some issues, but to truly grow a movement of change, people need to be shown the root of the problem and the individuals it effects. 

Having traveled across the United States and abroad working on documentaries, Cody felt the messages he has learned need to be shared. Just days before his 18th birthday, Cody landed his first scheduled speaking engagement. Since then, Cody has spoken at numerous other conferences, organizations, and clubs across the country. His messages range from ethnography, youth empowerment, social media, specific collections, entrepreneurship and his experiences as a documentary photographer, cinematographer, and adventurer. Cody also tailors every speech to fit your needs all while being engaging, funny, and real.

Past Events

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